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CCRPI 2013

The Georgia Department of Education has released the 2013 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI).   The CCRPI is Georgia’s statewide accountability system. It was implemented in 2012 and replaced the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) measurement. CCRPI measures schools and school districts on an easy-to-understand 100-point scale, helping parents and the public better understand how schools are performing. Cook County Schools received a district level score of 71.

Cook High School led 17 local area high schools with a score of 77.7. This is an increase from the 2012 score of 73.9 and the top high school score in the Coastal Plains RESA. The remaining 17 area high school scores include Echols 75.9, Colquitt 74.6, Lanier 74.5, Fitzgerald 74.2, Lowndes 73.7, Lee 71.7, Worth 71.3, Pelham 69.3, Brooks 68.5, Tift 68.2, Irwin 68, Turner 67.6, Cairo 66.7, Berrien 65.8,Thomasville 64.2, and Valdosta 57.6. An increase in End of the Course Test (EOCT) scores in almost all subject areas contributed to the gains made by Cook High School. The biggest contributor to the high school score was the 2013 graduation rate of 79.1 %. A breakdown of the graduation rate indicates that Cook High School graduated 75.6% of black students, 80% of white students, 90% of Hispanic students, 42.1% of Students with Disabilities, and 73.6% of Economically Disadvantaged Students. Cook High School has worked diligently to close the gap between all subgroups. The gap between black and white students graduating is the smallest it has ever been. The percentage of Students with Disabilities graduating was the second highest in the RESA.  

The CCRPI score for Cook Middle School was 67.1 compared to a State score of 74.6. While this is below the state average, it is a 2.7 gain from last year’s 64.4 score. Cook Middle School received high points in achievement on the CRCT in Reading and English Language Arts and also in the percentage of Students with Disabilities served in general education. Next year, Cook Middle School will employee a full time Instructional Coach. The Instructional Coach will use the results of the CCRPI to address weaknesses at Cook Middle School and provide support to the teachers. CMS teachers will be involved in ongoing professional learning to address these needs.

Cook Elementary School received a score of 69.2 and Cook Primary received a score of 81.3. These are compared to a State score of 77.8 Third grade CRCT scores are the largest contributing factor to Cook Primary School’s scores. While both schools saw a drop from their 2012 scores, administrative teams have already started planning for next year. Teachers from both schools will be involved this summer in professional learning which will continue throughout next school year. The schools will work closely to make transition smoother between grades and the two schools.