Cook County Schools Receive Computers back button

Cook County Schools recently acquired over $100,000 in computers hardware through the Computers for Learning (CFL) program. The CFL program assists federal agencies to meet the requirements of Executive Order (EO) 12999, "Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for All Children in the Next Century". The EO directs agencies, to the extent permitted by law, to give highest preference to schools and nonprofit organizations, including community-based educational organizations, (schools and educational nonprofit organizations) with the transfer, through gift or donation, of computers and related peripheral equipment excess to their needs. The CFL program represents an important contribution to EO 12999, which includes making modern computer technology an integral part of every classroom, connecting classrooms to the national infrastructure, providing teachers with the professional development they need to use new technologies effectively, and encourage the use of innovative educational software. The CFL program specifically matches the computer needs of schools and educational nonprofit organization with excess equipment in federal agencies.

The donating government agency in this transfer was the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Chamblee, Georgia. All equipment will be disseminated to replace old computer hardware. This updated equipment will afford the students of Cook County the opportunity to run better software, have faster internet access, and have less down time due to repairs. Other local agencies that have provided donations are SierraPine and Moody AFB. Special thanks to John Henry Surrency for the use of his equipment to unload the computers.