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Strive for Less Than 5

Cook County Schools, in coordination with the Georgia Department of Education and the United States Office of Special Education (OSEP), is in the process of a multi-year Student Success Improvement Plan (SSIP). The focus of this plan is to improve achievement for Students with Disabilities while improving results for all students. Through the use of general supervision systems in our schools, we will address barriers that impact student success in an effort to improve outcomes for all students.

Local data has been reviewed by a school/community stakeholder group with comparison to the RESA district and state. The goal identified from this review was to increase the graduation rate for all students with a focus on Students with Disabilities (SWD). Several barriers to achieving this goal were identified with chronic absenteeism being one of them. When students are chronically absent they are at higher risk of failure and/or dropping out. Students who are absent miss valuable classroom instruction which impacts academic achievement. Students missing five or more days fall into this high risk category.