Georgia Assessments


The Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (GKIDS) is a year-long, performance-based assessment. The goal of the assessment program is to provide teachers with information about the level of instructional support needed by individual students entering kindergarten and first grade. GKIDS will allow teachers to assess student performance during instruction, record student performance in an on-line database, and generate reports for instructional planning, progress reports, report cards, SST, and/or parent conferences. Throughout the year, teachers may assess students and record GKIDS data based on their system’s curriculum map or report card schedule. At the end of the year, summary reports and individual student reports will be generated based on the data the teacher has entered throughout the year.



The Georgia Milestones is a comprehensive summative assessment program spanning grades 3 through high school.  Georgia Milestones measures how well students have learned the knowledge and skills outlined in the state-adopted content standards in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students in grades 3 through 8 take an end-of-gradce assessment in English Language Arts and Mathematice while students in grades 5 and 8 are also assessed in science and social studies.  High School students take an end-of-course for each of the ten courses designed by designated by the State Board of Education.

Cook High End of Course asssessments include:  (Please visit our district calendar for Fall and Spring EOC testing dates)


   • Algebra 1

   • Algebra Geometry

  Social Studies

  • United States History

  • Economics/Business/Free Enterprise


  • Biology

  • Physical Science

  English Language Arts

  • Ninth Grade Literature and Composition

  • American Literature and Composition


The Georgia Milestone End of Grade tests for grades are as follows: (Please visit to our district calendar for specific subjects and dates)

grades 3 and 6 -  April 23th - April 27th 

grades 4 and 7 - April 30th - May 4th

grades 5 and 8 - April 23rd - May 3rd


Click here for additional Georgia Milestones Assessment Information for Grades 3-12

The Georgia Department of Education has provided Experience Online Testing Georgia website. This practice site lets students see what testing online is like. Parents and educators are welcome to try it too. The items on the demonstration tests are general and are organized into three grade bands: Grades 3 – 5, Grades 6 – 8, and High School in the content areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The items do not necessarily represent the specific grade-level content that students learn daily in their classrooms. The primary purpose is to let students experience, firsthand, the functionality of the online testing platform. The sample tests are not graded. 

Please encourage your child to visit to become familiar with the Milestones Assessment.



The GAA is a portfolio of student work that enables the demonstration of achievement and progress relative to selected skills that are aligned to the Georgia curriculum. The portfolio is used to capture student learning and achievement/progress in four content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. This assessment program promotes a vision of enhancing capacities and integrated life opportunities for students who experience significant cognitive disabilities. Committees of Georgia educators developed the requirements of the portfolio system including the number of required pieces of evidence of student performance of tasks aligned to content standards (i.e., student work samples), types of evidence, and the parameters/timing of the collection of student work samples.

The GAA portfolio entries are scored for four discrete dimensions: fidelity to standard, context, achievement/progress, and generalization. A separate score is assigned for each dimension. The focus is on academic content and skills.

  • Kindergarten and Grades 3,4,6, and 7 assemble a portfolio in English Language Arts and Mathematics

  • Grades 5, 8 and 11 assemble a portfolio in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies



ACCESS for ELLs is administered, annually, to all English learners in Georgia. ACCESS for ELLs is a standards-based, criterion referenced English language proficiency test designed to measure English learners’ social and academic proficiency in English. It assesses social and instructional English as well as the language associated with language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies within the school context across the four language domains. ACCESS for ELLs meets the federal requirements that mandates require states to evaluate EL students in grades K through 12 on their progress in learning to speak English.