Alternative Education

In partnership with Cook High School, Cook Middle School, and Cook Elementary School, the Cook Performance Learning Center, is committed to helping our young people achieve at high levels by providing a community of support to students who have not been successful in the regular classroom setting.



  • Students may be placed through parent/administrator request, through the hearing process, or by a waiver, that is recommended by Principal and administered by the Director of Student Services.
  • If the student has been placed by waiver due to disciplinary issues, attendance at the Learning Center begins after a three day suspension.
  • Students are placed for a minimum of one semester unless they are participating in the Student Assistance Program, have a 45-day alternative placement or their hearing disposition has a different timeline.
  • Parent/guardian and student must attend an orientation session for a review of policies and procedures..


Transition from CCLC:

  • Students must show satisfactory behavior, attendance, and academics before consideration of return to their regular academic program.
  • The transition to regular school is initiated by the site administrator, student’s teachers, and with the approval of the Director of Student Services. If student is not approved for return, parent will be presented with explanation as to why request was disapproved and they have a right to appeal within 5 work days.
  • The final decision for return is made with the agreement of the home school principal, the CCLC site administrator, Director of Student Services and the student’s parent/guardian.