My School Bucks

You can use MySchoolBucks to pay for things such  as:

• Art Supply  Fees  • Club Dues  • Extended Day • Field Trips • Prom Tickets  • Yearbooks • Technology Fee • Theater  Wing Production Tickets  • T-Shirts • Uniforms

If you have any questions, contact MySchoolBucks directly: (855)  832-5226

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Cook County Schools  is excited to offer MySchoolBucks® School Store!  This online payment service provides an easy way to pay for items such as Art Supply Fees,  Athletic Uniforms,  Band Uniforms, Club Dues,  Extended  Day, Field Trips, Prom Tickets,  Theater Wing Production Tickets,  T-Shirts, Yearbooks, and so much more using your credit/debit card or electronic  check. MySchoolBucks provides:

Convenience - Available 24/7 on the web.

• Efficiency – Make purchases  for all your students,  even if they attend different schools  within the district.   Eliminate the need for your students  to take money to school.

• Flexibility - Make payments using credit/debit cards and electronic  checks.

• Security – MySchoolBucks adheres to the highest security  standards.


Enrollment is easy!

If you are already  using  MySchoolBucks to pay for school meals,  your account is already  set-up and ready to go! Just  log in and click  on School Store.

If you don’t  have an account follow  the steps  below:

1. Go to and register for a free  account.

2. Add your students using  their  school name and student ID.

3. Make  purchases with your credit/debit card or electronic check.

A program fee may apply. You will have the opportunity  to review any fees and cancel if you choose,  before you are charged.